Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brigadier Norman Hurt In Off by Police

Brigadier Norman family fully supports out as a member of the Police, Police Mobile Brigade Gorontalo corps, for several reasons.

One of them, as Brigadier Norman popular through the action of kocaknya lypsync 'Chaiya Chaiya-' on Youtube that feeling has been hurt on the institution who raised him, the Police.

When talking with, Sunday (09/18/2011) night, the first brother Norman, Kaima Kamaru (34) express factors that make Norman hurt the Police.

According Kaima, sweet promises have been delivered at the beginning of the Norman Police gaining in popularity and attract public sympathy through his talent, which indirectly bring a positive image to the Police, it was not kept. At that time, Norman Police promised to be an icon. Now, all that remained mere promises.

Women who nicknamed Leny said, Norman should feel constrained to develop and express their musical and dance talent he had. And confinement that is coming from institutions.

Norman's family was also disappointed to know it several times arrested and herded back to Gorontalo Provos during a gig in Jakarta. "Where it first promises. He said if given time weekend, where it is. If in Jakarta alone was arrested, was like whatever. Kan Norman not only (a gig) in Gorontalo, but also there are in Jakarta," said Kaima.

In addition, factors that make Norman was forced to flee as police officers, namely because it has bonded labor contract with a music label in Jakarta, Falcon. However, the difficulty of running the point by point the contents of the contract because of restrictive rules of police officers. "The contract at Falcon, but have not had time to do the contents of his contract, is often caught out, caught hold," he complained.

For Kaima today it's hard to dissuade Norman resigned as a member of the Police, despite the Gorontalo provincial police chief, Brigadier General (Pol) Irawan Dahlan, suggest not given the flexibility back and ask for a transfer assignment to Jakarta.

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